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issue 41


Louis Chan
My Home.  Louis Chan (b. 1981) is a photographer based in New York City. He holds his MFA degree from Hunter College of The City University of New York. His thesis exhibition was held at the university’s Times Square Gallery in January 2014. Chan has also shown at Arario Gallery in New York City. Chan’s work explores socio-economic issues relating to the intersection of culture, community and identity. He began making photography through analog techniques and processes and now primarily works digitally. His first solo show was recently exhbited at the University of Tennessee, Downtown Gallery in Knoxville Tennessee. He was interviewed and his work also recently featured in the Huffington post .


Jessica Cowley
Hand Painted Storefronts of Mexico City. Jessica Cowley is an urban planner-turned-sign painter based in Los Angeles, CA. When not walking around Mexico City and/or photographing hand painted signs, she’s creating custom signs and graphics for businesses, artists and museums through her business Analog Signs.


Manuel Alvarez Diestro
Cairo Pigeon Towers. Manuel Alvarez Diestro (Santander, 1972) is a visual artist working with film and photography. His main interest is to explore mankind place in the landscape and in the contemporary city. His photographic work is regularly published and exhibited in international venues. As a filmmaker he has directed two short films “Displacements” and “Never again this flower”.  Both screened in numerous film festivals around the world. He currently lives in London, UK.


Steve Fitch
Radio Towers. Steve Fitch. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology in 1971, Steve worked for five years photographing along America's two lane highways.  The photographs were published in a book entitled "Diesels and Dinosaurs" in 1976.  Since then he has worked on a number of other projects and had his photographs published in a several books including "Marks in Place", "Gone", "The Llano Estacado" and "Motel Signs".  For the past 35 years Steve has taught photography at the University of Colorado, the University of Texas, Princeton University and the Santa Fe University of Art and Design.  He has received three National Endowment for the Arts fellowships as well as the Eliot Porter Fellowship to help support photographic projects.  Today, he lives off the grid with his wife in a passive solar adobe house they built themselves in rural New Mexico. 


Jason Vaughn
Hide. Jason Vaughn is a fine art documentary photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. 
His work showcases everyday people and scenes in a way that is suggestive of melancholy and permanence. In 2011, while working on a series entitled hide, he was diagnosed with leukemia at age 32. After a year-long hiatus, he continued the series, which uses Wisconsin hunting stands as a reflection on legacies and family.  Photographs from hide were included in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's Wisconsin Triennial in 2013.  Recently, Vaughn was among 102 artists selected for the State of the Art exhibition at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.  For this show, curators visited over 1,000 studios in a year-long search for "the most compelling American art being created today."  His work has also been featured in architectural, hunting, and photography outlets, nationally and internationally. hide was recently published by Trema förlag and has a special edition by TBW books.


Ino Zeljak
/Tram/Faces/. Ino Zeljak, a young artist from Croatia (Zagreb), was born on 18th of July in 1987. After finishing pre graduate course of Environmental Science at Faculty of Science in 2010, he was accepted at the Academy of Dramatic Arts inclass of Photography and Cinematography. In 2013, he completed the BA course of Academy of Dramatic Arts, class of Photography and Cinematography and enrolled in a MA class of Photography.


issue 40


Joy Sportel
Abandoned Shopping Carts.  From Michigan, and currently living  in Detroit. Joy has an Architectural degree from Lawrence Technological University and is an explorer, photographer, illustrator, visual designer and a passionate learner with an Interest  in adaptive re-use, restorative architecture, and architectural theory.


Riitta Oittinen

launderettes in brussels . Riitta Oittinen is a Finnish social historian, science journalist and editor. She takes a special interest in urbanism, vernacular culture and photography. She shares her time between Brussels and Helsinki.


Michael Steindel
Sodden Surfaces, Berlin.  Born 1978 in Tel Katzir, Israel, Michael  now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.   He graduated from the Geographic Photography College in Tel Aviv, Israel. His work has been exhibited in Tel Aviv, London, and Paris.


Felix Heller
Mosaic Facades,Tashkent Uzbekistan. Felix Heller studied architecture at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany. The Pictures shown are the result of a three month student exchange with the Tashkent Institute of Architecture in 2012. Chongqing Morning Post and is now a freelance photographer based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.



Greg Girard
Phantom Shanghai. Greg is a Canadian photographer who has spent much of his career in Asia, first visiting Hong Kong in 1974, and later living in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. He became a professional photographer in 1987, based first in Hong Kong and later in Shanghai. His work to date has examined the social and physical transformations taking place throughout the region. His work is represented by Monte Clark Gallery (Vancouver/Toronto). He works on assignment for publications such as National Geographic Magazine and continues to pursue long-term book length projects.


Charles Johnstone
New York Storefront Churches. Charles is a new york city based photographer who has been recorded the city through the cataloguing of its structures in serial form. His studies have been carefully documented and published in books with the subject of  New York Storefront Churches ,  Thirtyfour Basketball Courts , A Few Empty Pools ,  Some New York Handball Courts  and  Brooklyn Corrugated Iron Fences.  His work has been exhibited in the United States and Europe. / 


Ted Kane
New York Bodega Windows. Ted is an architect based in New York City. Photography is an outlet for his fascination with urban form and industrialized landscapes. He can be followed on twitter @ tkane33


issue 39


Manuel Alvarez Diestro 
machine and window, tel aviv Manuel Alvarez Diestro is a visual artist whose interest is to revitalize through photography and other media the appreciation of cities. He gets lost in the city with the sole purpose of finding his interpretation of the perfect periphery.  There he explores and records the city in full transformation and escapes into an environment that is basically fragile.


Riitta Oittinen

places for birds in helsinki. Riitta Oittinen is a Finnish social historian, science journalist and editor. She takes a special interest in urbanism, vernacular culture and photography. She shares her time between Brussels and Helsinki.


Erika Lindsay 
detroit prairie. restless wanderer. scavenger. innovator. maker.experimental filmmaker + photographer. currently studying architecture to explore the intersections between film, space + time. inquisitive about signs of life in strange places. fascinated by human interaction with constructed environment. seeks solace within collective anonymity. finds refuge in great bodies of water.


Zhang Xiao
Subdue. Born in Yantai, Shandong Province, China in 1981, graduated from Yantai University Art Design of Architecture Department. He was a photographer for the Chongqing Morning Post and is now a freelance photographer based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.



Jason Reblando
new deal utopias. Jason is a photographer and artist based in Chicago. He received his MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago and a BA in Sociology from Boston College. His photographs have been published in the New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Camera Austria, Nueva Luz, Bauwelt, and PDNedu. His work is collected in the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s Midwest Photographers Project, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Bill Diodato
Ward 81. Bill ’s still life and narrative photography challenges the boundaries between fine and commercial art. His work is a response to popular culture, with particular interest in societal acceptance and compartmentalization of subcultures— from the revered to the ostracized. Diodato continues to work on his long-standing project Beautiful, Awkward, Contrived People, a reaction to our culture’s perception of beauty and quest for perfection.


Jennifer Renteria
Starlite Flea Market. Jennifer is a multidisciplinary designer and writer whose research and projects, which often utilize photography and multimedia, center around urban informality and the relationship between the urban environment and nature. Her work, both independent and collaborative, can be found in various academic and cultural publications, including Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and PlanningFavel Issues, and Plataforma

      issue 38

Ed Eckstein
shrouds of toyotas Ed Eckstein based in Easton,PA, prominent in the who's he of photography... Specializing in the non fiction photograph, images not manipulated and distilled from visual encounters with humanity and place.Has worked on numerous international corporate projects as well as civil rights, healthcare and Native American imagery. Books include "Bricks & Mortals" and "Coming of Rage". web site:


Gloria Chung
Workspaces Gloria Chung is a freelance photographer based in New York. She completed the Certificate Program in General Studies at the International Center of Photography (2002). She holds an MA in Social Sciences and a BA in Cultural Anthropology.


Sight Unseen : Brian Rosa and Adam Ryder
edge of light: wendover Site Unseen is a collaboration between Brian Rosa and Adam Ryder. Rosais a photographer and urban researcher currently completing a PhD in human geography at The University of Manchester (UK) and Ryder is a MFA student in in the Photography, Video and Related Media program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Rosa and Ryder recently completed a joint residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover, Utah, and have previously worked together on visual projects in Rhode Island and Mexico City (among other places).

To date their collective and individual work has been shown in several exhibitions at galleries in New York City, Mexico City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Providence, and Manchester, UK, and in publications such as the British Journal of Photography, Triple Canopy, Metropolis Magazine, and Places Magazine/Design Observer.


Thomas Kalak
New York Skyline Thomas is based in Munich / Germany. After School of Graphic Design, he startetd to photograph. He works for international tour-operators and has travelled the world numerous times. Thomas´ latest book "thailand - same same, but different!" is a deeply philosophical interior view solely dedicated to the Thais’ exceptionally gifted art of improvisation. the book is already sold out. part of the book, the "bangkok wires", as shown on polar inertia in issue aug-oct 2007 will be exposed as 9 feet prints on canvas in march 2011 at a exhibition in the picasso - museum in germany. website


Martin Summers
Paris Metro Posters . Martin SummersMr. Summers currently serves as a visiting faculty member at the University of Kentucky, College of Design, where he leads advanced studios in urban design projects and teaches electives in High Performance Building Envelopes and Design/Theory.  His studio’s work will be exhibited in the upcoming Biennale in Rotterdam in the spring of 2012 titled “Making City”; which focuses on bottom up development in cities around the world.  Until May of 2010, Martin worked as a Senior Project Designer at Morphosis Architects in Santa Monica California.   The series of images you see here was taken over a 6-month period in the Paris Metro system.



Gary Tribby
Gary Indiana : a city's ruins David Tribby specializes in photographing abandoned historic architecture. “I believe architecture is a strong way a community identifies itself. Other countries use their buildings for hundreds of years, they seem to care more for their history. Simple preservation techniques could of kept these buildings viable, but now most are too far gone to renovate or too expensive to tear down.  …I believe if preserved several of these buildings could still play a key role in Gary’s revitalization.” - David Tribby


Riitta Oittinen

carpet racks in finland. Riitta Oittinen is a Finnish social historian, science journalist and editor. She takes a special interest in urbanism, vernacular culture and photography. She shares her time between Brussels and Helsinki.


Timothy Turner
barbed/razor-wire. Timothy Turner is a designer who recently received his M.Arch degree from The Southern California Institute of Architecture.

      issue 37

Manuel Alvarez Diestro 
new cairo, egypt Manuel Alvarez Diestro is a visual artist whose interest is to revitalize through photography and other media the appreciation of cities. He gets lost in the city with the sole purpose of finding his interpretation of the perfect periphery.  There he explores and records the city in full transformation and escapes into an environment that is basically fragile.


Clark Thenhaus
terra nullis Clark Thenhaus is founder of Endemic, a research, design, and drawing / art studio. Clark graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his Master of Architecture as the 3-year Fideli Fellow. His work has been exhibited widely, including at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Clark has previously published his work in, and written for, 306090, VIA, KERB Journal, and Special’Z as well as contributed to various others books, magazines, and online design forums. Clark currently teaches graduate architecture courses at the University of Colorado and has taught architecture, landscape, and drawing in Los Angeles, at Otis College of Art and Design, and parametric modeling workshops at USC, and Sci-Arc.


Daniel Traub
empty lots. Daniel Traub is American photographer currently based in New York City. From 1999-2007 he lived in China, where he was engaged with long term photographic projects. His photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. His work has also appeared in publications including The New York Times Magazine, London Telegraph Magazine, Wallpaper* and Time Magazine.


Thomas Kalak
dubai Thomas is based in Munich / Germany. After School of Graphic Design, he startetd to photograph. He works for international tour-operators and has travelled the world numerous times. Thomas´ latest book "thailand - same same, but different!" is a deeply philosophical interior view solely dedicated to the Thais’ exceptionally gifted art of improvisation. the book is already sold out. part of the book, the "bangkok wires", as shown on polar inertia in issue aug-oct 2007 will be exposed as 9 feet prints on canvas in march 2011 at a exhibition in the picasso - museum in germany.


Frederic Gmeiner, Benjamin Maus, Torsten Posselt
local distance . Artists Benjamin Maus, Torsten Posselt and Frederic Gmeiner met while studying at the University of Arts Berlin. Drawing on their respective individual backgrounds (graphic design, street art, photography, film and music) their experimental and practice-based research approach combines these forms with skills in algorithm-based graphics, interactive environments and hacking techniques. To date their in individual and collective works has been shown at several festivals or exhibitions including Ars Electronica, Kiasma – Museum of Modern Art Helsinki, Seeder Festival Rotterdam and DesignMai Berlin.
Frederic Gmeiner:
Benjamin Maus:
Torsten Posselt:


Paco Ulman
tallinn north corridor . Paco Ulman is an architect/ photographer living and working in Tallinn, Estonia.
He believies his photographic work can be regarded as extention of his
architectural practise. It allways deals with defining space.


Travis Shaffer

residential facades . Travis Shaffer was born in rural pennsylvania in 1983 and is an instructor of photography at the University of Kentucky. He has had recent solo exhibitions at Texas Tech University, Lubbock (2010), and Institute 193, Lexington (2010). He has also participated in group exhibitions and artist's book fairs in the US, Canada, and Europe. Shaffer is a member of the (ABC) Artist's Book Cooperative, a group of international artists working with print-on-deman technologies. Shaffer's upcoming exhbitions include "...After The Suburbs" at Kiang Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, and the 15th Annual Print Triennial titled "For Love Not Money" held at KUMU in Tallinn, Estonia.


      issue 36

Raimond de Weerdt
Dutch Hills.Raimond de Weerdt is an artist, photographer and educator based in the coastal town of Byron Bay Australia. Raimond did his BA in visual art at Sydney University, a MA at the University of New South Wales and is currently working towards a PhD at the University at Southern Cross University in Lismore.


Kevin S.K. Lim
Manzhouli Kevin S.K. Lim studied architecture at the National University of Singapore and obtained his Diploma from the Architectural Association, School of Architecture in London. He has worked in London, Singapore and Beijing most notably for the Dutch grown architectural practice, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), where he was a key member of the architectural team responsible for the Singapore Scotts Tower, a high-rise luxury residential tower. Kevin Lim is founder of Studio SKLIM.  His studio work has since received wide international press coverage and has been published alongside international architects in a book by DOMUS + New Renovation Projects (Italy/China).  Kevin Lim writes in his spare time and has contributed articles to Singapore Architects. Kevin currently resides in Singapore and Beijing.


David Schalliol
Isolated building studies. David Schalliol is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago and the Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is interested in the role of inequality in the construction of the built environment and is currently working on a variety of projects exploring the transformation of urban centers. His writing and photographs have appeared in such publications as The American Sociologist, Revue Geste, American Photo and Proximity.


Fabien Seguin
Not Texas. Fabien Seguin is a fine art and documentary photographer born in the French Alps in 1980. He is based in Wuhan, China, since 2006. He holds an MA in Classics and Ancient Philosophy as well as an MA in Linguistics. He is self-taught in photography. His work has been exhibited internationally, in Europe, USA and China. His current projects revolve around the Chinese landscape, forests and nakedness. Most of his projects find their source in ancient philosophy and literature, this inexhaustible reservoir of revolutionary ideas.


Tim Balon
Mexican Walls. Tim Balon is a wandering architect living in San Francisco


Kieth Yahrling
American Consumerism. Keith Yahrling lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he recently received his BFA in photography from The University of the Arts. He has been accepted into various group shows locally as well as internationally.


Sean Cousin
Travelodge. Sean Cousin recieved BA (hons) from The University of Wales, College, Newpot in 1999 and his Mres from The University of Central Lancashire in 2008 - concerned with the singulairty and physicality of the integral photograph. Still exploring this medium, he has recently embaked on a PDF venture: polarama: a visual journal of integral photography, the second issue of which (at the time of writing) is due shortly.

      issue 35    

Ben Tremper
Seaside Shacks. Ben Tremper is a freelance photographer living in San Francisco, CA.  He is currently working on a series documenting the San Francisco street food scene.  His online portfolio may be seen at:


Bob Trempe
Garagescapes Bob Trempe is a professor of and designer focusing on the instructional logic and formal beauty of information visualization through the use and output of repetitious systems. His research can be seen both his conceptual work through his office Dis-section Architectural and Media Design (DAMD) as well as professional work with the design office of Verspoor & Trempe.  Bob currently teaches Architectural Studio and Digital Media at Temple University in Philadelphia PA.


Joe Morgan-Payler
Japanese Convenient Stores. Joe Morgan-Payler is a Landscape Architect and Artist based out of Melbourne, Australia.  When not stuck in the land of Autocad, he is actively interested in exploring his environment. His photos are a product of this.


Matthew Cramer
Satellite Drawings. Matthew Cramer is originally from Ohio.  He moved to Chicago, then New York, where he attended graduate school at Pratt Institute.  Matthew has been teaching Art and Graphic Design in high schools for the past decade and is currently living in Southern California with his wife and almost 2 year old daughter. 


Rebeca Méndez
Hotel Beds. Rebeca Méndez is an artist living in Los Angeles and is professor at UCLA, Design | Media Arts. She has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide including a solo exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and most recently the XBiennial in Cuenca, Ecuador. Her work is represented in public and private collections including Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The National Design Museum, NY, Denver Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Muséo Jose Luis Cuevas, México, DF. Through her photography, film/videography and immersive installations, Méndez explores issues of perception and media representation. Méndez is published widely and has received numerous awards and international recognition, including in 2008 an art residency at the Gunnar Gunnarsson Institute in Iceland. 


Saul Metnick
Derelict Vehicle Removal Program. Saul Metnick is a Brooklyn based photographer.   He specializes in creating images of structures that are complete, in the process of completion, and often in the reverse direction.  Saul has always had a keen interest in how objects fit together.  A childhood of construction (and destruction) of Lego cities and 1:35 scale military models evolved into a 10-year occupation helping NYC creative companies operate more efficiently.  These days Saul, the son of a photographer, has returned to photography and the sphere of things being built and unbuilt; the perfect confluence of young dreams and life's actuality.


Tan Wan Ting
Malacca in Transit. Tan Wan Ting is a Geography graduate who aspires to traverse the world and perhaps one round more if she lives that long. When she bought her first camera many years ago, it was for the purpose of collecting visual moments of places that would gradually disappear from one’s memory once earmarked for demolition or upgrading in development crazy Singapore.
With many more Asian cities undergoing similar "amnesiac" loss of their past, she hopes to record the inimitable mood and character of these places and spaces, that perhaps can never be conjured by conservation, into her little black box recorder - the camera. More of her photo documentation can be seen in


Wes Janz
Prefab Indiana. Wes Janz is the founder of onesmallproject and is curating the 'small architecture BIG LANDSCAPES' show at the Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana in early 2010.   

      issue 34    

Lindsay Bremner
Parking Garages. Lindsay Bremner is an architect and urbanist. She lives and worked in Johannesburg South Africa for 25 years and is now the Chair of Architecture in the Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia.


Saman Deilamani
Cranes of TorontoSaman is a graduate of Architectural Science and works in the field. He lives in Toronto, Canada where he tries to find traces of life in the built environment. His photographs represent his observations of urban environments and built form around the city.


Florian Kleinefenn
roundabouts. . Kleinefenn Is a Paris based photographer and artist of german origin, longtime specialized in recording art, architecture and theatre. Among his previous professional clients are: ARC, Centre Pompidou, Jeu de Paume, Ministère de la Culture, Conseil Général du Nord, Deutsches Archéologisches Institut Rome and Madrid, Princeton University Press, Opéra National de Paris Bastille, Comédie Française etc.
He is now orientating his activity towards photographing interior design with clients such as AD, l'Oeil, Connaissance des Arts, towards social reportage for industrial museums such as the Musée des Beaux Arts et de la Dentelle de Calais, Musée de la Mine de St. Etienne and photography for advertising.


Manuel Alvarez Diestro
parabolic facades . Manuel Alvarez Diestro is an emerging photographer based in the Middle East.  He explores with feet and camera unrecorded city landscapes around the world.  He displays his visual findings in  On this web platform he expresses his urban investigations on subjects such as high density housing, peripheries, city dilapidation, marginal/vernacular architecture and other urban imagery.


Anne Graupner and Thorsten Deckler ( 26’10 south Architects)
exhaust pipe sculptures . 26’10 south Architects is a young practice based in Johannesburg South Africa, headed by Anne Graupner and Thorsten Deckler. The practice consciously sets out to work in all spheres of the South African context: the township, inner city, suburb and open landscape. Instead of specialising, the practice continues to diversify into fields of planning, urban design, housing and art. Often operating in a need based context 26’10 finds ways in which to turn constraints into opportunities – usually by seeking out the peculiar and particular of each context, project and client.


florida real estate German photographer P.W.VOIGT studied Geophysics and Communication Design. He has travelled to a broad range of locations, documenting architectural sites. Currently he is working on a long term project about contemporary urbanization.


Ana Serrano
kiddie rides Ana Serrano is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles. She primarily focuses on cardboard sculptures that incorporate photography; as a result she is constantly photographing the city of Los Angeles. Without formal training in photography, she sees her photographs as a form of documentation and an essential part of her creative process.


Hubert Blanz
roadshow. Hubert Blanz is a photographer based in Vienna Austria. His work has been exhibited widely including a solo exhibtion at the Momentum Gallery in april 2009.

      issue 33    

Corinne Schulze
Treasure Island. Issue 33. Corinne Schulze is an editorial photographer located in San Francisco. Currently she is employed at as a product photographer and news photographer. She is also an active volunteer photographer at Southern Exposure gallery. While Corinne enjoys documenting events and happenings, her heart is rooted in environmental photography.


Corbin Smith
Venice blvd. Issue 33.  Corbin, who lives in Venice Beach, CA, has been an avid amateur photographer ever since he used his first camera, a Brownie Starflash, to capture New York City on a trip there when he was 13.  At 19, an image of a Gothic cathedral’s rose window  - which turned out to be an Italian manhole cover filled with confetti  - opened his eye to seeking out visual interest in non-obvious places.  He uses telephoto and macro lenses to abstract and de-contextualize.  Corbin is retired from a professional career in academic/ artistic and construction management, and has had two solo exhibitions of his work: at MODAA Gallery in Culver City, CA in July/August 2008, and at pinkcomma gallery in Boston, MA, in October 2008.


Eline Visser
box bikes. Issue 33. Eline is a second-year student of Communication and Information Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She’s been an inhabitant of that city for six months now. Besides photography Eline likes and does so many other things that sometimes she doesn’t take a single picture for a few weeks.


Eric Landes
Suburban scenes. Issue 33. Eric Landes is a photographic artist and educator living in the midwest. While he has tried to escape several times, the particular and peculiar familiarity of the midwestern landscape exerts a powerful draw. He is currently working on a larger series of pieces dealing with suburban anxiety.
Landes has a BFA from the Otis Art Institute of Parson's School of Design (1990) and an MFA from Indiana University (2000). He is currently living and teaching in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.


Est Nyboer
Police helicopters. Issue 33.los angeles apartments. may/june 2004. los angeles apartments II . sept/oct 2004. los angeles apt numbers. jan/feb 2005.   Est Nyboer is a photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He also provides web design and other graphic services via Nyboer Creative. To view his complete photo galleries please visit  Email:


Ivaylo Getov.
Squat Shops. Issue 33. Ivaylo Getov is a student of film and cinematography at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. He can't help but notice how the light falls on the face of everyone he meets.


Marko Zivkovic
Gas meters. Issue 33.  A native of Belgrade, Marko Zivkovic studied anthropology in Chicago, taught in Portland, Oregon, and is presently teaching anthropology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Photography is his lifelong obsession, and is currently helping him, as someone nurtured on European sense of urbanity, to come to terms with North American cities.


Vaughn Wascovich
Academic landscapes. Issue 33. Vaughn Wascovich is a photographic educator, commercial and fine art photographer. He has more than twenty years experience as a commercial photographer and business owner and has worked with a diverse range of advertising and corporate clients. He has a broad-based visual technology background, which includes several years as an agency broadcast and multi-media producer. Professor Wascovich has a very active fine-art photography career, having participated in more than 70 solo and group exhibitions. Currently he is an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas, where he teaches all levels of photography students, including graduates. He has been a member of the Harvard Visiting Scholars Program since 2004.

      issue 32    
      Jeffrey Millstein
palm springs trailers. june 2008. Jeffrey is a photographer whose work is published and exhibited internationally, including upcoming shows in 2008 at the Young Gallery in Brussels and the Urich museum of art in wichita ks.

      Maximilian Haidacher.
urban landscapes. june 2008. Born in Bavaria, Germany.Moved to Austria to study Photography and Graphic Design at the University of Arts in Linz

      Christophe Abrassart
atlantik wall june 2008Christophe was born in 1972, and lives iin Ghent, Belgium working as an IT-professional but most of all free-time having fun with all kind of mixed media varying from design, photography, graphic styling till straight sculpture. Photography has been taking a more prominent role since a few years with a strong prefference for functional, mostly old and sometimes even forgotten architectural structures. Pictures are regularly published on his website.

      John Sevigny.
club 45:red light ghost town. june 2008. Photographer John Sevigny was born in Miami, Florida in 1969. Before turning his attention to documentary and fine art photography, he worked as a photojournalist and reporter for more than a decade, focusing primarily on immigration and border issues. He has veered away from journalism over the years and shown his own photographic work in group and solo exhibitions in Florida, California, New York, Colorado and Louisiana in the United States; and in Monterrey, Saltillo, and Zacatecas in Mexico. He currently lives in Monterrey where he teaches photography and English. He maintains an online journal of his activities at

      Sandy Carson
Fiat 126 aug/sept 2007. Skatepark Graffiti. nov/dec 2007. church signs. june 2008. Scott is a Scottish born and raised photographer now living in Austin, Texas for the last 8 years, yet still retains his accent. When not perspiring from the Southern heat, he can be found traveling the world on his bike with a camera strapped to his back, obsessively documenting cultures. His photos can be seen in many exhibitions and publications including Vice, Hamburger Eyes and Juxtapoz among others. He is currently working on a book.

      Gigi Cifali
absence of water. June 2008. Gigi is a photographer based in London. more of his work can be found at

Thomas Kalak
Havana Old Timers. Thomas is based in Munich / Germany. After School of Graphic Design, he startetd to photograph. He works for international tour-operators and has travelled the world numerous times. His pictures from Bangkok,, have been shown in the volume „Growing a chair“, which was awarded by the Art Directors Club. Thomas` new book about objects in Bangkok is available