Hotel Beds

Here Over There is a photographic series of straight-on portraits of hotel beds that began on the island of Chiloe, Chile, on December 23, 2002 and continues to this date. Working in a documentary style, so neutral in emotional values that is almost anthropological, I photograph the beds I sleep in during my travels with consistent parameters—the image is taken as soon as I awake, on the first morning of my stay, with the available light, with a hand held camera, and from the same point of view—my height. I am interested in creating a typology of the visual vernacular of the tourist industry, as well as generating a topographic survey of the bed as landscape. This extended essay of photographs generates a stretched-out sequence of images that present a more complex picture of a particular society, industry and location. 

The series currently consists of over 80 images, and includes locations such as Taipei, Tijuana, Paris, Reykjavik, Stykkisholmur, México D.F., Istanbul, Portland, New York, Wendover, Quito, Cuenca, Weed, San Pedro de Atacama, and Santiago de Chile. 

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Rebeca Méndez 

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Here Over There, Hotel Altitud, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. November 11, 2007. (2007).