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Tallinn North Corridor, Estonia

Tallinn is a seaside city, but it has never claimed the sea for its inhabitants. First there was the industrial revolution with harbours, then the soviets with border patrols and now there is infrastructure with its everincreasing appetite for more valuable urbanspace. The city of Tallinn is at the crossroads, to open itself or to stay closed. The problem is not the infrastructure which cuts the city from its seaside but what it creates around it and how it has the tendency to impose its strategies to its surroundings. The expressways, storagehalls, parking lots, lorries and signposts create a network of monofunctional landscapes. Busy by day, neglected by night.

These photographs describe the existing landscape and to broaden the issue, i have used selected views from other infrastructures and industrial parks around Tallinn. A strange magical landscape.

Paco Ulman